Hole of Death

Shohel Rana hit his teacher on the head and left school. He never went back. Instead he joined his uncle, who promised to teach him a “game”. It took place inside a 14-meter-high wooden cylinder. At first this became Shohel's playground and later his work place.

The game consisted of driving an old motorcycle around the wooden wall inside the “hole of death”. Shohel's uncle had seen the stunt performed on a TV broadcast from Russia. He decided to do something similar in Bangladesh.

But unlike what he had seen on TV, the uncle built a cylinder with a much smaller circumference. This made it more difficult and dangerous to negotiate; and more thrilling to watch. And to make the show even more heart stopping, he is now using young riders like Shohel.

Accidents only happen, when they happen!

Running time:

Approximately 50 minutes.

Copyright: Kent W. Dahl


All rights reserved

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