Photo Exibitions


Kent W. Dahl

Bath house elegy, human pull-car, and vanishing view of Showa era.


The town where Kent W. Dahl walked around

A Photo exhibition with photos from Kitasenju in Tokyo between

1980 and 2010.


Immigration Museum Tokyo, November 2016

Photos by Kent W. Dahl©

Curator: Shigeaki Iwai

Assistant art student: Maharu Maeno

Eyefish Media

Taking a clue from the former "yatai" pullcar street sellers in Kitasenju, the photo exhibition was partly shown in the streets of Kitasenju. At the same time is was used as an adverticing gimmic for the photo exhibition in the main exhibition venue.

Left: Assistant Geidai art management student Maharu Maeno.


Right: Onda Takashi